telangana congress chevella sc st declaration 12 points

Telangana Congress: Chevella SC, ST Declaration by Revanth Reddy

Chevella SC/ST Declaration With 12 Points: Hello all, in today’s guide, we will see all the 12 SC, ST declaration promised by Telangana congress party for coming 2024 election. You can see what are those promises and how they help to the Telangana people.

Current Telangana congress party president Revanth Reddy has announced all these 12 strong points to the SC, ST of Telangana people. You can see them one by one below.

Revanth Reddy Announced 12 Strong Points: Telangana Congress SC, ST Declaration

Telangana Congress Chevella SC, ST Declaration with 12 points
  • SC Reservations Simplified: Janabha Damasha Method. SC Reservations at 18%.”
  • Ambedkar Abhaya Hastham: EC, ST Families Aid of 12 Lakhs.”
  • Special Reservations: Government Procurement, All Contracts with SC-18, ST-12%.”
  • Indiramma Pakka Illu: Homes for EC, ST Families with 6 Lakh Assistance.”
  • Assigned Land Redistribution: BR, SR Governments Return Land to EC, ST.”
  • Forest Rights Act in Action: Every Adivasi’s Land Rights Protected.”
  • Sammakka Sarakka Development: 25 Lakhs to Each Gram Panchayat.”
  • SC Corporations Establishment: New Corporations for Madi, Mal, and Others.”
  • ST Corporations Creation: Tukaram, Sant Sevalal Corporations Formed.”
  • New IT Zones: Nallagonda, Mahabubabad, Khammam, Nizamabad.”
  • Vidya Jyothi Program: Up to 1 Lakh Reward for EC, ST Students.”
  • Residential Schools: Every Mandal has an EC, ST Gurukul School.”

Officially Kharge Announced Telangana Congress SC/ST Declaration

Here is the official tweet of Congress party president Kharge on Telangana congress SC, ST declaration with 12 major points.

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