ISRO Chandrayaan-3 ChaSTE Mission: Revealed Moon Temperature Profile

“Chandrayaan-3: ChaSTE Mission Reveals Moon Temperature Profile in South Pole”

Chandrayaan-3: ChaSTE Mission Latest Update on Moon Temperature: Hello all, today, we are going to know the latest update which was updated by ISRO on Twitter. You will see the official post of ISRO also. Actually today’s topic is that, recently ISRO announced that Chandrayaan-3 ChaSTE mission revealed the moon temperature profile in south pole. So, continuously read to know the exact information here.

ISRO Chandrayaan-3 ChaSTE Mission: Revealed Moon Temperature Profile

ISRO Chandrayaan-3 ChaSTE Mission: Revealed Moon Temperature Profile

Recently, ISRO reveled the moon temperature profile on south pole today. You will see the complete details about it.

“Vikram Lander reached moon’s south pole after a four-day journey. It carried the ‘CHASTE’ tool to study extreme temperature. The device holds 10 special thermometers. India’s space research institution ISRO introduced the Moon’s first-ever temperature profile using the ISRO CHASTE tool. This initiative brought new facts about Chandru, hotter than Earth, contradicting previous beliefs. ISRO scientist Darukesh talked about it.

The ISRO CHASTE device sent data and graphs, tweeting about Moon’s surface temperature. moon’s south pole experienced temperatures from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, differing from our expectations. But the lander’s news indicated temperatures as high as 70 degrees Celsius. A surprising 10-degree difference within meters was found. This Chandru discovery excites scientists. The lunar surface’s temperature fluctuates dramatically.

ISRO’s scientist Darukesh spoke to BH News about the experiment. He said, ‘moon’s surface temperature, ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, is more surprising than our predictions. However, CHASTE’s readings show moon south pole is even hotter, reaching up to 70 degrees Celsius. This is quite intriguing.’

If we compare Earth’s sub-surface and surface temperature, there’s a 2-3 degrees Celsius difference. But Chandru exhibits more than 50 degrees Celsius difference between its surface and subsurface. This is a very interesting finding,’ said scientist Darukesh.

ISRO’s CHASTE device provided moon south pole’s first heat profile. More information is expected from ISRO’s CHASTE instrument. This marks a significant advancement in space exploration worldwide.”

This is all about ISRO ChaSTE mission for Moon temperature. If you want to ask anything? then, use the below comment section and send your queries.

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