romantic loklok korean drama list 2023

22+ Popular Romantic Loklok Korean Drama List 2023

Loklok Korean Drama List 2023: Are you a fan of Loklok Korean drama? then, here, you can see all the latest best romantic list of all korean dramas in loklok application. This Loklok web platform can provide you all the korean related TV series, movies, news and animation. So guy’s, here you can see all the 20+ latest Loklok kdrama 2023 list here.

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loklok korean drama list 2023

List of All Romantic Loklok Korean Drama 2023

Let’s chose the best loklok korean drama list 2023 here.

1). Butterfly Love

Name: Butterfly Love

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama · Romantic · Costume

Overview: This story is about two lovers who love each other very much. One of them, Ling Chang Feng, is a brave and respected general. He has been happily married to his wife for three years. But on their third anniversary, something strange happens in their city. Some crazy people start attacking innocent citizens violently. To protect the people, Ling Chang Feng leaves his wife behind. When he comes back, he discovers that his wife has been affected by this strange problem. He doesn’t want anyone to know about it because he knows that anyone who gets affected will be killed. So, he keeps his wife’s condition a secret and tries to find a way to stop this frightening situation.

2). Protect My Country, Protect You

Name: Protect My Country, Protect You

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama · Romantic · Costume

Overview: This play is based on an old comedy called “Thousands of Snow in the Ghost of the Kingdom.” Xuan Qiancao’s daughter is remarkable and wants to defend her father’s honor. She seeks support from powerful allies. Eventually, she falls in love with someone, and they face many challenges together, even in death. They join forces with former enemies and work towards creating a peaceful time for all the people in the world.

3). She is Dangerous

Name: She is Dangerous

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama · Suspense · Short film

Overview: Zheng Xueer is a strong and successful woman at work. She never wanted to get married, but her mother fell seriously ill. To ease her mother’s worries, she decided to lower her standards for choosing a spouse and quickly find an honest person to marry and have children with. With the help of her friend Mi Lili, she met Song Haotian and married him.

After her mother passed away, Zheng Xueer tried her best to make her little family happy. However, she faced challenges, as she had fertility issues, and her mother-in-law was very unhappy about it. Finally, she became pregnant through test tube technology, but her mother-in-law’s attitude didn’t improve.

Her husband, Song Haotian, appeared caring on the surface, but in reality, he was selfish and had affairs with Zheng Xueer’s friend, Mi Lili. He also planned to take advantage of Zheng Xueer’s wealth. Observing her husband’s suspicious behavior, Zheng Xueer secretly investigated and discovered his deceitful plans.

At first, Zheng Xueer felt defeated and just wanted to separate, but when she learned that her husband was involved in her mother’s death, she became determined to seek revenge and devised a plan for it.

4). Remember, Be Together Forever

Name: Remember, Be Together Forever

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama · Romantic

Overview: Shi Yi and Xia He were once friends, like green and bamboo horses. They went back to the year 2008 and discovered that they had come back in time for each other. They enjoyed their lovely moments together, but they also faced challenges from their future spouses, who were violent and had affairs. The four of them, connected by destiny, started a competition of love and hate.

5). Life can be changed

Name: Life can be changed

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama · Fantasy · Romantic

Overview: Wu Yaye, the host, was originally supposed to be the main female character in the story. But every time the story progressed, she was interfered with by a sneaky person, making her just a side character. This time, the script was her last chance to be the main character. However, she didn’t know that Du Qin, a minor character, had been watching over her from the beginning. He started as an unimportant NPC but later became the host of the system. In a crucial moment, he saved Wu Yaye. She realized that her life shouldn’t be controlled by others. Now, she is determined to take control of her own destiny and save her lover.

6). Double Life

Name: Double Life

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama

Overview: “Seek, Get, Remarry” is a story about Shen Liangchuan, a person with two personalities. He chases after his wife, Yun Wanwan, during the “action” at his wife’s cremation ceremony. To save the family business, Yun Wanwan acted as the perfect wife for three years. But when her husband got hurt while protecting her, she took this chance to end the business marriage and became a single woman again. She pursued her dream of music, started a company, and transformed into a punk-like woman.

However, the divorce triggered her other personality, a green tea personality that loves Shen Liangchuan. The two personalities started competing for Shen Liangchuan’s attention. After the divorce, Shen Liangchuan finally faced his feelings and wanted to win back Yun Wanwan. He studied romantic gestures, practiced love words, and recreated classic scenes to woo her at the cremation field. But he encountered both personalities of Yun Wanwan, experiencing both joyful and challenging moments.

7). Dreamland Authority

Name: Dreamland Authority

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama

Overview: “The Ace Dream of the Dream Authority got stuck in Gu Sheng’s body due to a car accident. She used to be indifferent to human emotions, but as time passed, she started to fall in love with Yu Wei, a caring human man. However, when the truth came to light, they had to part ways…”

8). AI Girlfriend

Name: AI Girlfriend

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama

Overview: When Gu Qianyu was a child, he had a car accident that left him with psychological trauma. Because of this, he was afraid of love, being loved, and getting close to others for a long time. But everything changed when Zeng Fanxing came into his life like a warm sunshine. It was a coincidence, but Zeng Fanxing entered his world and brought positive changes.

9). Love You Again

Name: Love You Again

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Drama · Short film


Tong Mo, a lesser-known actor, accidentally entered the wrong room after getting drunk at a dinner and unexpectedly met the famous movie star Ou Tianqing. Despite their different statuses, the two quickly fell in love and secretly got married. However, their mismatched identities made it difficult to maintain their hidden marriage. Ou Tianqing gave up his position as the group’s president for Tong Mo, hoping for a stable life together.

Unfortunately, their happiness was disrupted when Ou Tianqing’s ex-girlfriend Zimo suddenly appeared. This led to a painful separation, and Tong Mo left Ou Tianqing with a heavy heart. A year later, they met again after a crew dinner. Shocked by the encounter, Ou Tianqing was determined not to let Tong Mo leave him again. He resolved to keep his beloved by his side for good.

10). I May Meet Love

Name: I May Meet Love

Country: China · 2023

Genre: Comedy · Drama · Romantic

Overview: “I May Meet Love” is a comedy that tells a story about young love, with elements of love and strong determination. Zhong Lixue grew up with the influence of his doctor father, and he always had a fascination with bodyguards. One day, the slim Zhong Lixue caught the attention of Chu Luyu at first sight. As their relationship deepens, they discover that the accident from the past was not a coincidence; someone had planned it a long time ago. This revelation uncovers an astonishing secret…”

Above are the recent romantic Loklok korean drama list 2023. Also see some of the popular kdrama list below.

All Loklok Korean Drama Names List 2023

Let’s know all the popular loklok korean dramas, short films list 2023 here.

  1. Fortunately, You Are Still Here
  2. Reluctantly in love with you
  3. You are My Destiny
  4. Get back what belongs to me
  5. Meet You in My Heart
  6. Lie Under Mask
  7. Queen’s Secret Lover
  8. My Scheming Husband
  9. Dangerous Obsession
  10. First Love Again
  11. Insomniacs After School
  12. Maiden Don’t Run

That’s it guy’s, there are the popular romantic Loklok korean drama list in 2023. If you want more kdramas? then, go to the comment section and send your queries.

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