amazon mini tv for ios

How to Watch Amazon Mini TV for Smart TV, iOS?

Amazon Mini TV for SmartTV: Hello all, we all know that, Amazon is the world’s top online shopping platform. Every day, millions of products are sold by Amazon from every corner of the world. Amazon has millions of products, which are having the best quality and providing the best service to each and every product. So this is all about how Amazon has grown and still growing with its best service. But today our topic is about Amazon mini TV for smart TV and Amazon mini TV for iOS, iPhone devices.

What is Amazon Mini TV?

We all know that, already Amazon has entered into the entertainment world. Prime videos and prime music apps are developed and organized by Amazon, right? so, today, you can see one of the open source or free entertainment platform which is Amazon mini TV.

Using Amazon mini TV, you can watch lot of free comedy shows, short movies or films, Amazon popular product reviews and web series. Everything in Amazon will be available for free on Amazonminitv only. Rest of the 2 which are Prime videos & music are available in paid membershiop.

Currently the Gupt Gyaan show is trending on Amazon mini TV. Not only this, there are many other popular web series, drama, comedy and mini movies trending on this mini TV amazon.

amazon mini tv for smart tv

How to Download & Watch Amazon Mini TV on Smart TV (Samsung/Sony/LG/Nokia/Mi)?

Let’s see how to install amazon mini TV app on TVs using the simple steps. You can easily watch amazon mini tv shows on samsung, sony, LG and nokia smart tvs.

You can watch amazon mini tv on your tv using 3 methods. Which are 1). Via web browser. 2). APK method. 3). Via Google Play store.

How to Watch Amazon Mini TV on TV using Web browser:

  1. First of all, you have to open your smart TV.
  2. Now, go to your smart TV apps and find the best browser. If you have not install any browser? then, go to Google play store and install any popular TV browser.
  3. After that, open the installed web browser and open Google search.
  4. In that Google search, type “Amazon mini TV”.
  5. Later, you will see the first link, just click to move into the Amazon mini TV.
  6. That’s it, this is the process to watch amazon mini TV on smart TV using web browser.

Let’s See How to Install Amazon Mini TV App on Smart TV?:

  1. In this process, you have to open your smart tv.
  2. Now go to open your smart TV Google play store.
  3. In the play store search box, just type Amazon mini TV“.
  4. Then, you will see the app name like “Amazon India Shop, Pay, Mini TV”.
  5. That’s it, after that just click to start the installation on your smart TV.
  6. Now go to open the app and start watching without any paid membership.

How to Install Amazon Mini TV APK on Smart TV?:

  1. Here, you can easily install Amazon mini TV APK on your smart TV.
  2. So, let’s first download Amazon APK on your android phone.
  3. Now install “Send Files To TV” on your android & smart TV devices.
  4. Now send amazon APK file via send file to TV app on your android phone.
  5. After this, receive the APK file and go to your TV settings and enable the “Unknown Sources” box.
  6. Just click to start the installation of Amazon mini TV on your TV.

How to Watch Amazon Mini TV for iOS, iPhone?

Here, you can see, how to install Amazon mini TV for iOS, iPhone and Apple devices.

  1. First, you have to take your iOS phone.
  2. Now go to search for apple store on your iPhone.
  3. Next go to the app store search box and type “Amazon”.
  4. Now, you will get the app in your app store.
  5. Just click to start the installation on your iPhone.
  6. That’s it, this is process to install Amazon mini TV on iOS, iPhone.

This is the complete process to install and watch Amazon mini TV on your smart TV. If you have any issues while installation? then use the comment section and send your queries.

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