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Download ThopTV for Apple, iOS, iPhone [100% Working]

Thop TV Apple, iOS, iPhone Download: Hello everyone, in the earlier guide also, we have discussed on ThopTV installation on android, Windows platform. Today, we will learn the overview on how to download ThopTV for Apple, iPhone, iOS devices using various methods.

Actually, we can install any iOS apps on our apple phones using app store only. Apple store has a large collection of various category apps which get installed in iOS, iPhone devices. But our today’s app, ThopTV is not available in app store. Even though, I will make you to got installed the app on your iOS devices through some 100% working methods. Do you want to read ThopTV iOS alternative? then see: Pikashow for iOS.

Of course, you may not gone through the methods, which I am going to introduce you. In this page, you will see the completely different installation processes. They are working methods, it will let’s you to run and use the ThopTV app on your Apple, iOS, iPhone devices. Do you want ThopTV APK file? then, get it.

The entertainment application, ThopTV is not available in Google play also. But, there is a way called APK method. Through APK method, we can install any android app on our phones. Do you have any additional android phone? then, you can also see how to download Pikashow APK 2022 version on your android phone. Are you facing any problem like ThopTV is Unable to Connect Server? then, fix it today.

Apart from android, do you have desktop, laptop or personal computer? then, you can also know the installation process on Pikashow for Windows using emulator software. Also read: ThopTV for Windows.

thoptv apple, ios, iphone download

ThopTV Apple – Features

It has built with number of features. Every feature has showed a specific beautiful work. Let’s know some of them and remaining features, you can experience directly through the installation on your iOS devices.

  1. It has various sports, NEWS, animations, cartoons and many other channels.
  2. It gives its output as faster.
  3. You will experience different categories.
  4. ThopTV app was designed with user friendly.
  5. It has simple navigation and easy to use.
  6. There is no any additional registration is required.
  7. You can enjoy ThopTV ad-free application on your apple phone.
  8. There is no buffering involved while using the application.

Actual Way to Download ThopTV for iOS/iPhone, Apple

Here, I am showing you the regular iOS method to download Thop tv for iPhone, apple, iOS devices. But it is not available in app store, let’s assume, if it is available in app store, then how to install it.

  1. First of all, you have to take your Apple mobiles.
  2. Then, go to inside your phone and open the app store.
  3. In the app store search box, type ThopTV.
  4. That’s it, later it will show you the app results. Click to start the installation on your iOS devices.

This is actual regular method to install any iOS apps on your apple, iPhone, iPad devices. Due to unavailability of ThopTV on app store, we are unable to install it on iOS. But below, I am going to show you more than one method to install and run ThopTV on iPhone. Let’s learn the guides.

How Can I Download ThopTV for Apple, iOS, iPhone Without App Store?

Yeah, without app store, you can download ThopTV on your iOS devices easily. I am showing you the methods, which help you for installation.


  1. TweakBox.
  2. TuTu App.

Let’s follow the methods one by one and start your ThopTV apple installation.

#Method 1 – ThopTV for iOS – Using TweakBox

Here, you will learn, without apple app store, we are going to download ThopTV for iOS using TweakBox. For official TweakBox, let’s download it first.

It is also like app store, you will find millions of applications in it. The main advantage is, you will install the apps which are not available in apple app store for free.

ThopTV TweakBox Installation on iOS:

  1. In the above paragraph, you have to download the TweakBox app for iOS version.
  2. This is the main key role to download ThopTV app on your iOS devices.
  3. Now tap to install TweakBox app on your mobile.
  4. After installation, go to TweakBox search box and type “ThopTV”.
  5. That’s it, it will get you the app which you are looking for.

#Method 2 – ThopTV Apple Download for Free

This is the 2nd method, where you can learn without apple app store, how to download iOS, iPhone needed apps including ThopTV for free.

This method is depends on TuTu App. It is also one of the popular third party store for iOS applications. Let’s get it for free.

ThopTV TuTu Installation on Apple, iPhone:

  1. Using above link, download TuTu app on your iPhone, apple devices.
  2. Now install the TuTu app.
  3. Next go to TuTu app search box and type “ThopTV”.
  4. That’s it, this is the process of installing ThopTV on TuTu app.

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I hope that, you have understood the installation process of ThopTV on apple, iPhone, iOS devices. If you have any problems? then, send your questions through comment section.

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