the guardian cryptic crossword solutions 28962

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers Today 28962 (9 January 2023)

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Solutions Today 28962: Hello all, in this page, you will see the genuine and correct answers for the Guardian cryptic crossword today 9 January 2023.

There are 2 types of crossword publishing in The Guardian newspaper daily. Those are quick and cryptic. The quick Guardian crossword is less in difficult and other one that cryptic is more difficult than the quick crossword. Today I am going to give you all the solutions, clues or answers for the Guardian cryptic crossword 28962 9 January 2023. You can copy paste all the answers and fill them in the news paper.

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The Guardian new paper is very famous in British. It is also one of the most circulated daily news paper in the united kingdom. It was founded in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian and changed its name in 1959. Along with its sister papers The Observer and The Guardian Weekly.

The owner of the Guardian new paper is Guardian Media Group.

Every day millions of people try to solve the Guardian quick crossword. Many of them get complete and some of may left incomplete. So those who left incomplete, they can review the solutions for today the Guardian cryptic crossword 28962 9 January 2023.

So let’s complete today the guardian cryptic crossword 28962.

the guardian cryptic crossword solutions 28962

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword 28962 Solutions for Today 9 January 2023

Let’s know solutions for the Guardian Cryptic crossword 28962 puzzle today 9 January 2023.


  1. Some olives are wasted (6) — STONED
  2. Had a laugh when jilted around the third of July (8) — CHUCKLED
  3. ‘Grow up pal’, she said, ‘you are in’ (6) — MATURE
  4. Hot Romeo spotted in local (8) — TROPICAL
  5. From bad to worse in terms of eating and heating? (3,2,3,6,3,4,3,4) — PANINTOFIRE
  6. Innocent king follows ethnic diversity (2,3,5) — INTHECLEAR
  7. Young Simpson nudging along a spoilt child (4) — BRAT
  8. Appealing and periodically acquitted (4) — CUTE
  9. Was uncertain about old elastic pants (10) — OSCILLATED
  10. See 11 — PANINTOFIRE
  11. Brief account round home (8) — BULLETIN
  12. Legitimate appalling successor to Elizabeth the second (6) — LAWFUL
  13. Simple job to enquire after Yeats edition (4,4) — EASYTASK
  14. African-American mostly pursuing knowledge (6) — KENYAN

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Solutions 28962 Today 9 January 2023

Here, you can know the Guardian Cryptic crossword solutions 28962 today 9 January 2023.


  1. Total love for wrestling (4) — SUMO
  2. Turns to organisation without seeing the evidence (2,5) — ONTRUST
  3. Aristocrat with gongs and rings here (8) — EARLSOBES
  4. Animal, vegetable, plant (11) — HORSERADISH
  5. Larks in bushes (6) — CAPERS
  6. Happier when Starmer after change of heart supports leaders of leftist unitary councils (7) — LUCKIER
  7. Ray indeed is happy (9) — DELIGHTED
  8. Conservatives delay demoting leader to begin with — they’re unbelievable! (4,7) — TALLSTORIES
  9. Powerless South American island quietly coming up (9) — INCAPABLE
  10. Two thirds of models fall hopelessly for past lover (3,5) — OLDFLAME
  11. One leaves mangled genitals in knots (7) — TANGLES
  12. Tight old solver’s admitting disagreement (7) — THRIFTY
  13. Convince strangers to welcome brotherly love? (6) — INCEST
  14. Family of Cyril Allen gutted — CLAN

This is all about the Guardian cryptic crossword solutions for today 9 January 2023 and the puzzle code is 28962. If you want more quick crossword answers, then mention them in the comment section which type of crossword answers you needed.

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