The Mimic Roblox

The Mimic Roblox: Features, Characters & More

Hello readers! Here I came up with an interesting post i.e The Mimic Roblox. In this post, you will see what is Mimi Roblox? What are the characters of the Mimi Roblox game? And main feature of Roblox the mimic.

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Most people like little horror and thrill games, here the Mimi Roblox is a very interesting survival horror game created by Mucdich. I think everyone knows the most popular game platform called Roblox, but keep in mind that the Mimi Roblox is different than the Roblox platform.

What is different between Roblox and The Mimic Roblox?

Roblox is a very popular app platform that allows users to play multiple games, create new games, and also helps to chat with others online.

On another hand, The Mimic is a new Roblox horror and survival game. The word meaning of Mimic is imitating something or something else is related to scare and horror. Below you can see the complete information about the Mimi Roblox game.

What is the Mimic Roblox?

The Mimi Roblox is a survival horror and scary game where users will face teen beasts or monsters in different chapters. This wonderful Mimic survival game was developed by MUCDICH.

In the game, the user should try to escape, survive and avoid getting killed. There are different characters in different chapters. Below you can see The Mimic Roblox characters’ names in full detail.

Characters in the Mimic Roblox

There are different characters in the Mimic game; here I will explain two characters Sama and Hiachi.

  1. One of the monsters in the mimic is called sama who controls all other monsters. Sama is all like a black creator with completely black body with a white face.

    The Mimic Roblox

    Character name: Sama

  2. Another character in the Mimic Roblox is Hiachi. Hiachi also looks the same as sama but wears a white dress, pink hat, and black hair.

    The Mimic Roblox

    Character name: Hiachi

Note: according to reviews and research I suggest that this game is not advisable to play for children aged below 16 years, because it is a horror game with scary sounds.

Conclusion of the Mimic (Roblox)

I hope you have enjoyed the post on Mimic Roblox game characters and features. Still if you have any queries regarding this post then please comment to us.

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