pallavi prashant is eliminated

Pallavi Prashanth is Eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: #Viral News

Pallavi Prashanth is eliminated Viral News: Some people are playing football in a range with Amardeep just because he was nominated. They are trying to steal votes by showing their wealth as a farmer’s child. That’s how he gets eliminated, babu.. And this is the real ulta pulta twist.

Highlights of Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu Week 5:

  • Ulta Pulta twist in Bigg Boss week 5
  • Pallavi Prashanth’s elimination twist, is this correct?
  • Triple elimination at once?
  • Pallavi Prashant bigg boss — secret room

If you look at the list of nominations on the fifth week:

  1. Tasty Teja
  2. Priyanka
  3. Amar Deep
  4. Shivaji
  5. Gautam Krishna
  6. Subhashri
  7. Prince Yavar

Bigg Boss is going to give Ulta Pulta twist in Bigg Boss season 7 telugu week 5. In the fifth week, there are 7 people in the nominations. Leaks have come out that only three of them are going to be eliminated. This is the first time in Bigg Boss history that three people are eliminated in one week. But even those eliminations are going to have twists. The latest update is that three people will be eliminated at once and one of them will be sent to the secret room.

But Pallavi Prashanth is among the three who are going to be eliminated, so the actual result is an ulta pulta twist. Out of the seven nominees currently in this week’s nominations.

pallavi prashant is eliminated

Pallavi Prashanth Eliminated Viral News: Is it Fake or True ?

NOTE: Actually Pallavi Prashanth is not in the nomination and also he has became as a housemate. So he will not be eliminated from the Bigg boss house season 7 telugu and there is no chance of elimination. But if there any health issues come, then there will be chance to come of out from the house. That is only the reason behind of Pallavi Prashanth elimination.

In some unofficial polls, however, Pallavi Prashanth is at the number one position in the top position. Pallavi Prashanth was targeted by the entire house in last week’s nominations. Amardeep and Co slandered Pallavi Prashanth throughout the serial batch.

The issue of the farmer’s child was brought to the fore and he was severely blamed. So till then no one paid attention to Pallavi Prashanth, who had acted like a farmer’s child, but when he was targeted, sympathy for him increased unexpectedly. Pallavi Prashanth is rushing in the voting. Unexpectedly, he is getting the highest number of votes by pushing back the serial batch.

is Pallavi Prashant Really Eliminated From The Bigg Boss 7 Telugu?

The latest update is that Pallavi Prashant is going to be eliminated this week and give a big twist. What’s the point of eliminating Pallavi Prashanth who is playing well?

Isn’t this what Bigg Boss wants? That’s why Pallavi is going to eliminate Prashanth and send him to the secret room. If that happens, the game will not only become more boring. Pallavi Prashanth’s screen space will double.. Rahul Sipliganj was shocked by eliminating him in season 3. After that he was sent to the secret room. After he went to the secret room the nature of the game changed. Rahul Sipliganj re-entered the house and won the title. But it cannot be said that it will be the same now. Because.. because this is the second week. But if Pallavi sends Prashanth to the secret room, it’s like Bigg Boss will give him a flower pan.

This is all about the viral news of Pallavi Prashant elimination. If you want to ask anything? then use the comment section below and send your queries.

Who Will Going to Be Eliminated From Bigg Boss 7 Telugu – Week Five (5)?

In the week five, there will be a higher chance for Priyanka Jain. She has got only lesser votes in the week five nominations voting. As per many online polling, it is written. If there are any fans who is reading this page, then go to the Hotstar app or give missed call to the number and save here.

This is only predicted based on the online polling basis only.

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