pallavi prashanth becomes first captain bigg boss 7 telugu

Pallavi Prashanth Becomes 1st Captain in Bigg Boss 7 Telugu: Raithu Bidda

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu First Captain: Pallavi Prashanth: Born in the soil.. such physical tasks are countless.. even those with muscular six-pack bodies.. Pallavi Prashanth, a farmer’s child, is suffocating with her skunk grip. Pallavi Prashanth is shaking in the captaincy battle. Finally, raithu bidda Pallavi Prashant becomes the first bigg boss house season 7 telugu captain.

Pallavi Prashanth is making everyone nervous by showing what happens when a farmer’s child is caught by a skunk. The first captaincy fight in Bigg Boss season 7 will be exciting. Gautham, Pallavi Prashanth, Teja and Sandeep were the contestants in this fight which has been going on for the last three days.

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Pallavi Prashanth Won Captaincy Task: Rangupaduddi & Became 1st Captain

Bigg Boss gave the task of ‘Rangupaduddi’ to these four. As in the past, the four contestants were given white t-shirts and told to paint them with colors. They said that whoever puts more color on their t-shirt will be eliminated from the competition. In this task first.. Tasty Teja lost.. then Ata Sandeep was defeated. In the end.. Gautham and Prashant faced each other.. It seems that Pallavi Prashanth won.

In the latest promo, Pallavi Prashanth chokes the muscular Gautham with his skunk grip. An agitated Priyanka shouts, “Let go.” But if Amar Deep is reacting.. Pallavi Prashanth is winning. After accusing him of playing a sympathy game, Prashanth the became the first captain of the Bigg Boss house and folded the entire batch of Amar Deep and Co.

pallavi prashanth becomes first captain bigg boss 7 telugu

Amar Deep Said “Prashanth Will Win” to Shivaji: Shivaji Said People Are Watching

After Sandeep’s master was eliminated from the race, Sandeep, the tondi gamer, is flying on Priyanka who is in a state of confusion. Did you write that you don’t want to touch it? They will push me in the game.. Sandeep hurled his mouth at Prashant saying that if he pushes me, he will slap me. And Shivaji made it.. he said his opinion.. there is nothing wrong’.. Mana Amaradeep revealed the conspiracy of his clansmen saying that ‘Prasanth will win.. don’t worry’. ‘People are watching…they will say’ said Shivaji.

Amardeep says that Shivaji means.. If I see those people, I will leave. Why are you so worried Amaradeepam.. You stop playing your game like this.. Keep crying about other people like this.. People really send it. It is not far from happening.

The highlight point is that both Gautham and Sandeep have muscular bodies. Pallavi Prashanth looks like a goat animal. If Pallavi Prashant gets caught in such a situation, it will not be because of those muscular heroes that he will be freed from that grip. After all, the leak came out that Prashanth became the first captain of Bigg Boss season 7. Not only he won.. Prashant also won Shivaji.

Finally, raithu bidda has won the Rangupaduddi captaincy task and become the Bigg boss season 7 telugu captain. If you have any question? then use the comment section and send your queries.

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