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New York Times (NYT) Crossword Answers Free Today 6 January 2023

NYT Crossword Answers Free Today: Hello all, in the last session we had seen the new York times or NYT mini crossword answers free today. But today, we are going to see the NYT crossword answers free today for 6 January 2023 without any subscription.

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Suppose, if you are good at vocabulary and have much skills in english language? even though some times you will not complete the NYT crossword puzzles. Because, everyday it is increasing the level of standard. So, somewhere anyone may be stuck. But playing NYT crossword everyday, you will become the #1 gamer in NYT crossword. So let’s know the NYT crossword answers for 6 January 2023.

nyt crossword answers today 6 January 2023

What is the Difference between NYT Crossword and NYT Mini Crossword?

You will know the major difference between NYT crossword and NYT mini crossword below.

NYT Crossword Puzzle: NYT crossword puzzle is a major puzzle. You should have more patience and good knowledge to play this.

It has having around 31 questions in ACROSS section and 39 questions in DOWN section. The NYT crossword puzzle has around 70 questions in total. So, you must need a patience to win this NYT crossword puzzle. You can try as much as questions, after that you can see the clues and answers for the rest of the questions on this page.

NYT crossword puzzle game is more harder than NYT mini crossword puzzle. Because NYT mini crossword has less questions and having low level of standard.

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle: The name itself saying that, it is a mini crossword puzzle. You should have medium level of knowledge to complete NYT mini crossword game puzzle.

It has around 5 questions in ACROSS section and 5 questions in DOWN section. The NYT mini crossword puzzle game has around 10 questions in total. If you hardly try, you may complete the puzzle without anybody’s help, after hardly try also, you didn’t complete the NYT mini crossword, then, check the answers, clues, hints, solutions for NYT mini crossword free here.

Hope you understood the difference between NYT crossword and mini crossword.

New York Times (NYT) Crossword Answers Free for 6 January 2023 Across Questions

Let’s know the answers, clues, hints, solutions free for NYT crossword today 6 January 2023 ACROSS questions.


  1. Remark made after catching someone by surprise — ITSJUSTME
  2. Alt-rock band with the 2001 hit album “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” — WILCO
  3. Indoor swimming pools — NATATORIA
  4. What might roll in the leaves — ACORN
  5. Pet dogs and cats, affectionately — FURBABIES
  6. Surge protector? — LEVEE
  7. Great work — OPUS
  8. Embroiled (in) — KNEEDEEP
  9. Stage that you might enter at night — REM
  10. Broadband letters — LTE
  11. Gangs — POSSES
  12. With 39-Across, answer to the question “Who’s the solver of this puzzle?” — YOU
  13. Bird: Prefix — AVI
  14. Pro with extensions, in brief — CPA
  15. Big ticket item? — COURTSIDESEAT
  16. Leading disability rights activist in the 2020 documentary “Crip Camp” — JUDITHHEUMANN
  17. Valuable collection — TREASURETROVE
  18. Black ___ — OPS
  19. “Get out of here!” — RUN
  20. See 27-Across — ARE
  21. “Get me?,” informally — YAHEAR
  22. Guileful — SLY
  23. “Love Island” airer — CBS
  24. Item in Yo-Yo Ma’s right hand — CELLOBOW
  25. Sound of suffering ? or pleasure — MOAN
  26. Whiff — SMELL
  27. Where the cattle drive in the western epic “Lonesome Dove” begins — RIOGRANDE
  28. Consideration when doubling a recipe, perhaps — RATIO
  29. “Don’t worry about me” — ILLMANAGE
  30. Like Alaska on a U.S. map, often — INSET
  31. Quite a sight — EYEOPENER

NYT Crossword Answers Free for 6 January 2023 Down/Vertical Questions

Let’s see the clues, hints or answers free for down/vertical questions in NYT crossword 6 January 2023 puzzle game.


  1. Going to get — INFOR
  2. Khaki alternative — TAUPE
  3. Use a pick, perhaps — STRUM
  4. Punches — JABS
  5. ___ Pippig, three-time winner of the Boston Marathon — UTA
  6. Word with sister or story — SOB
  7. Ride with a third wheel — TRIKE
  8. Outward attitude — MIEN
  9. Bed of roses, so to speak — EASE
  10. Character who’s striped and spotted? — WALDO
  11. Causes of some brain freezes — ICEES
  12. Hot take? — LOVESCENE
  13. Breakfast skillet — CREPEPAN
  14. What a pointer finger can represent — ONE
  15. Labor relief, perhaps — EPIDURAL
  16. Port ___, capital of Mauritius — LOUIS
  17. John of “The Big Lebowski” — TURTURRO
  18. Squelched, with “on” — SAT
  19. His dying words were “There is another ? Skywalker ?” — YODA
  20. Ghostlike, in a way — ASHEN
  21. ___ Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer-winning author of “The Sympathizer” — VIET
  22. Aids for stage crews — CUESHEETS
  23. Via, informally — THRU
  24. University in Georgia — EMORY
  25. Hold on to — SAVE
  26. Arcade game character with a propeller beanie — JRPACMAN
  27. Word with store or Story — TOY
  28. ___ Greenwich, co-writer of “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” and “Da Doo Ron Ron” — ELLIE
  29. Dispense — ALLOT
  30. Muscly, in modern lingo — SWOLE
  31. Popular talk show of the 2010s — CONAN
  32. Achievement indicator — BADGE
  33. Show of contempt — SNEER
  34. Eponymous region of northern France — BRIE
  35. Slick — OILY
  36. Thick locks — MANE
  37. Title for a guru — SRI
  38. Inits. on some food cans — GMO
  39. Knock — RAP

This is all about the New York Times or NYT crossword answers free for 6 January Thursday 2023. If you want more crossword answers, clues? then mention which crossword answers you need in comment section.

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