nyt mini crossword answers 4 january 2023 daily

NYT Mini Crossword Answers for January 4 Wednesday 2023

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nyt mini crossword answers 4 january 2023

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NYT Mini Crossword January 4 Wednesday 2023 Questions

Let’s first know the NYT mini crossword January 4 Wednesday 2023 questions here.


  1. Suitcase or duffel
  2. America’s second president
  3. Animal celebrating Hump Day in a classic Geico commercial
  4. “Laughing” animal
  5. Mojito liquor


  1. “The Well-Tempered Clavier” composer
  2. Every 24 hours
  3. Xbox user
  4. Restaurant handout
  5. Sound of a door closing loudly

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today – January 4 Wednesday 2023

Let’s get the NYT mini crossword answers for today January 4th Wednesday 2023 puzzle. You will check the correct answers one by one.

Answers for ACROSS:

  1. 1A – BAG
  2. 4A – ADAMS
  3. 7A – CAMEL
  4. 8A – HYENA
  5. 9A – RUM

Answers for DOWN:

  1. 1D – BACH
  2. 2D – ADAY
  3. 3D – GAMER
  4. 5D – MENU
  5. 6D – SLAM

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