Fino Mitra Login for PC

Fino Mitra Login for PC, Partner, Merchant, Payments Bank Login Process

Here I came to show you Fino Mitra Login for PC, Fino Payments Bank login, Fino Mitra Partner Login, and Fino Mitra Merchant Login step by guide. Fino Mitra also called Fino Payments bank which servers as one stop solution for its members by providing all the banking related services like account opening, and management, debit card, cash withdrawal, money transfer etc.

Fino Mitra Login for PC

Along with above services there will also have other services like, Micro ATM through any bank debit card, bill payment DTH, Mobile recharge, utility and electricity bills, policy renewals, and insurance renewals etc. You can another Mitra app which is related to another purpose. Do you want to know about that Mitra? then let’s see: Airtel Mitra App Login & Registrationand also see Mitra Download for PC, Mitra Download for iOS.

Fino Mitra Login for PC Steps on Mitra App

Note: Fino Payments Bank Login process on Mobile, Windows PC, and Laptop is same; here I am just showing for PC as per the users concern.

In my last post I have shown how to download and install Fino Mitra App for PC, if you didn’t installed it on your Windows PC then just go through that article and install it first.

  1. Once installed the application on PC or Mobile just open the Fino Mitra login page then follow the below shown steps.
  2. First complete the Fino Mitra registration procedure.
  3. Fino Mitra Login for PC
  4. Once completed the registration then enter your username, password.
  5. Then click on login button.

Note: if you did not registered into Fino Payments Bank then first register then only you can able to login.

Fino Mitra/Fino Payments Partner Login Process

  1. First you need to visit the official website.
  2. Fino Mitra Login for PC
  3. Then open the Fino Payments Partner CMS login page.
  4. Now enter User ID/Merchant ID.
  5. That’s it now click on continue button then finally click on submit button.

Fino Mitra Merchants Login Registration Process

Here you will see how to login into merchants account.

  1. First visit the Fino Merchants login page from the official website.
  2. Then enter your merchants ID.
  3. Click on continue button.
  4. In the next page, you will be asked to verify your user ID.
  5. Now click on the Test Biometric Pinpad and Camera link.
  6. Here you need to download the Pax d180 Micro ATM driver.
  7. Also install the EL Web services software, or install the PAX Drivers – POSVCOM, Prolin Uboot Driver, Pax CDC, PAXAndroid, Android ACM.
  8. Will all this Fino Merchant first time registration will get competed.

Once completed the registration then again visit the Fino Merchant login page and login with your Merchant ID and password.

Features of Fino Mitra Login for PC

Fino Payments bank merchant can provide so many features and services through Mitra App platform like as shown in the below.

  1. Mitra merchants can onboard saving account and current account through eKYC mode on behalf of the bank.
  2. Merchants can transfer money just by taking cash from customers and transfer it to any bank account across India.
  3. Fino merchants can easily withdraw cash from any Aadhaar linked banked accounts through biometric authentication.
  4. Customer can also make their utility bills, electricity bill payments, water bill, mobile recharge, and DTH etc.
  5. Recharge to all mobile services.
  6. 24/7 availability
  7. Secure and robust.

Conclusion of Fino Mitra Login, Merchant, Partner Login

I hope you have enjoyed the post on Fino Payments bank login, Merchant Login, Partner login steps. Still if you have any queries from this post then kindly comment us.

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