Airtel Mitra App Login & Registration Online || Lapu Number Registration

Airtel Mitra App Login & Registration: Hello friends, are you an Airtel customer? and want to become a Mitra app retailer? Then, you are at the place. Using this guide, you will be login into the Airtel Mitra app and also do the online registration for the Mitra app login for free. And one thing, the possibility of Airtel Mitra app login will be using Lapu number only, so, you can also see how to get the Lapu number and Lapu password for login.

Already, we have covered what the Mitra app is? and how to download the Mitra app for PC & Mitra app for iOS free.

Actually, The Mitra app is a retailer application, you will become a commission agent by doing mobile recharges, money transfers and DTH recharges. For every service, you will be paid a commission. So, it is a beneficial app for every Airtel customer and grows with its commission.

Before going into the Airtel Mitra app login, first, know what are the requirements. So, let’s about them below.

What Required for Airtel Mitra App Login?

Here, you can know, what are the requirements for the Mitra retailer app login.

  • You should become Airtel Customer (Use Airtel SIM for it)
  • You should need a Lapu Number (OR) Airtel Payments Bank.
  • Don’t have Airtel Lapu Number, then, open Airtel Payments Bank and login into the Airtel Mitra application.
  • Candidate Aadhar Card.
  • Candidate Pan Card.

How to Get Airtel Lapu Number & Password Online?

Do you want Airtel Lapu Numer and password? then, first, you have to make a Lapu number registration near your Airtel distributer. Let’s know, what are those steps to get the Airtel Lapu number online below.

  • First of all you should use the Airtel SIM only, for getting Lapu Number of Airtel Mitra app.
  • Then go to your nearest Airtel ditributer.
  • And explain about your work confidence on Airtel Mitra app.
  • If they satisfied with your explanation, then you will be get a Airtel Lapu number and password for Mitra login online.
  • That’s it, this is the procedure for getting Airtel Lapu number and password.

How to Do Airtel Mitra Lapu Number Registration Online?

Here, you can see how to do the Airtel Mitra Lapu number registration online or offline. Actually, this process will go offline only, because, verification will be done while doing the Lapu number registration, so, mostly, it is done offline only. Let’s check the steps below for Airtel Lapu registration.

  • In the above method, we have suggested that, Lapu number will available only at Airtel distributers, so, in this step, first you have to at the Airtel distributers.
  • Now, ask them for Lapu number registration.
  • They may be ask you some valid proofs for verifications.
  • Once you have completed your verification process successful, then, your Mitra Lapu number registration will be done easily.
  • That’s it, as you follows above steps, you will be get the Airtel Lapu number easily.

How to do Airtel Mitra App Login & Registration Online?

As you follow, you can see how to login into the Mitra app online easily. Then, let’s check the steps below.

  • First of all, you have to download and install the Mitra app for PC, Mitra app for Android and Mitra app for iOS. Becasue, with the app installation, you will not understand the process. So, first lets complete the installation of the Airtel Mitra app on above mentioned devices.
  • Once you have done the above process, let’s open the Airtel Mitra app first. For more understanding, let’s check the image below.
airtel mitra app login
  • In the Mitra app, first, you will be asked to submit the ‘Lapu Number’. So, we have shown the way on how to get the Airtel Lapu number, follow that way to get the Lapu number and enter that number on Mitra app. Hope you have done the step easily.
  • Suppose, if you have not registered for Lapu number and trying with your non-registered airtel number, then you will be get message like in the below image. Just look at it once.
airtel mitra app login
  • If you ar not registered for Airtel Lapu number? then, no, problem, you have to just open the Airtel Payments Bank Account and login with that user and passwords. Just see the image below.
airtel mitra lapu number registration
  • Thats, it, just enter the Airtel Payments bank details and login into the Airtel Mitra app dashboard.
  • Now, if you have got the Lapu number? Then, see, how to login as a first time user in the Mitra app below.
airtel mitra lapu number registration
  • Like, in the above image, click on “First Time User” option and create the password for your Lapu number. Just see the image below.
airtel mitra lapu number registration
  • Now, enter your Lapu number and click on “Generate OTP” option to create new password and enter the Airtel Mitra app dashboard.
  • That’s it, the process is completed.

Finally, the process of the Airtel Mitra app login is completed. For more login and registrations, daily visit at website.

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