what is now.gg wallet 1.0.3

What is Now.gg Wallet 1.0.3? | How to Register

Now.gg Wallet: Hey all, in the last guide, I have explained everything about now.gg. It is a free platform, where any game can be played without download or install on your PC, iOS, Windows, iPhone, Mac, ChromeBook and on Smart TV devices. You just 1click to play instantly.

It is built based on mobile cloud. Without any lag, you can instantly access any game or app in the now.gg platform. So, you must try now.gg on your device browsers.

Coming to our topic, today, I am going to show you, what is now.gg wallet? how to login or register into the now.gg website. So, let’s know all these in the below.

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How to Login or Register Now.gg Page?

Let’s see how to login or register in now.gg page.

Now.gg Login/Register Page Process:

  • First of all, you have to open your PC browser or in which you want to use now.gg.
  • Next visit the official now.gg website in your PC browser.
  • Once you entered into the home page, you will see a “sign in” and “Go Rouge”.
  • Click on sign in to start the registration process.
now.gg login page
  • Next, you will be redirected to login page. Where you can login using Gmail or Facebook. Just look at the image below.
now.gg registration or login page
  • That’s it, this is the actual process to login into the now.gg page.
  • If you want to play games on now.gg without login or registration? then, just click on “Go Rouge” button to start playing.
  • That’s this is the complete process to play on now.gg.

What is Now.gg Wallet 1.0.3?

Let’s know, what is now.gg wallet 1.0.3. It is like normal wallet Paytm, Phonepe and other. Why the word comes wallet in now.gg? which mean, whenever you purchase a game or whenever you want to buy something in the game like coins, diamond we need money, right? so when you have purchased, then there would be secure wallet to do transactions.

All your transactions and amount will be in a secure place which is now.gg wallet 1.0.3. This is why, it is called as now.gg wallet. I hope that, you have understood the information.

How to Earn Money Using Now.gg Studio As a Developer?

Let’s see using now.gg studio also developer can earn money by monetizing their application. Let’s see, how to do the process.

  1. If you are a developer? then, host your android app or game in now.gg cloud.
  2. Next share the link of your now.gg cloud game or app.
  3. You can also share your now.gg game link via Google AdWords, social media platform or in any other website.
  4. Next integrate your cloud payment.
  5. You can check analytics of your game statistics in now.gg studio.
  6. That’s it, this is process to earn money using now.gg. Here, you are earning money through monetization of your app or game in now.gg.

Finally, I have completed the process what is now.gg wallet 1.0.3 and how to register or login into now.gg page. If you are facing any issues? then, use the comment section and send your queries.

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