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WAMR App for PC/iOS/Android – Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp in iOS, iPhone, PC, Android Devices

WAMR App for PC/iOS/Android: Hello all, in this page you can see how to download and install WAMR app for PC, Windows, iOS, iPhone, Android devices.

Using WAMR app, you can recover or retrieve deleted messages, texts, status, photos and media files from Whatsapp in your iOS, iPhone, Android phone and on PC laptop devices.

It is the popular app to get back all your deleted Whatsapp messages and texts from your Android, iOS devices. The app WAMR can make you to read all deleted Whatsapp messages.

You can easily see the deleted images, photos, videos, text using WAMR app on your PC, Android, iOS devices.

So, guy’s are you searching for Whatsapp deleted messages recovery app? then this page can take you through how to read and retrieve all deleted messages, texts in Whatsapp using the WAMR Whatsapp recovery app 2022.

It has updated and released a 2022 version. So, you can easily read the Whatsapp removed messages, text on your devices. So, let’s try the WAMR app for PC, Windows, iOS, iPhone and on Android devices.

Before going into the installation, let’s first read the official features of WAMR app on iOS, PC, Android below.

wamr app for pc

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WAMR App for Android/iOS/PC – Official Features

Here you can see the all official features which is offering to use on PC, Android, iOS devices. Let’s read below.

  1. Backup SMS (text) messages.
  2. Give Options to select which conversations to backup or restore.
  3. How to retrieve deleted text messages
  4. How to recover text messages
  5. Latest design.
  6. Easy to use.
  7. Download WhatsApp statuses easily (images, videos).
  8. Save WhatsApp deleted media files and messages even after deleting from sender side.
  9. Also works as a cleaner for WhatsApp by avoiding media redundancy.
  10. View all your WhatsApp data separately at one place.

What Are the Main Benefits of WAMR – Whatsapp Message recovery App?

Here you can know the main benefits of the best recover deleted messages app for Whatsapp.

  1. Recover WhatsApp deleted text messages
  2. Recover WhatsApp deleted images
  3. You can Recover Whatsapp deleted videos
  4. Recover WhatsApp deleted audios(Voice messages)
  5. Also Recover WhatsApp deleted stickers
  6. Recover WhatsApp animated GIFs

How to Use WAMR Whatsapp Recovery App in PC, Android, iOS?

There will be no any other complications while using of WAMR Whatsapp on PC, iOS, Android. You can just tap the deleted messages to read the texts. Let’s follow the process how to read the deleted Whatsapp messages below.

  1. You just open the app WAMR on your Android, iOS, PC devices.
  2. Next open your Whatsapp and find the chat history of your friends or family members. And there just click on deleted message to view the real text, or video, GIF file or any other media file.
  3. If you want to download the Whatsapp status? then you will see a menu bar, there you can see option “save”. Just tap on that button to save the desired status from your friends list.
  4. That’s it, I hope you can easily use the app WAMR to read the Whatsapp deleted messages on PC devices.

How to Download WAMR App for PC, Windows ?

In the process of downloading WAMR app on PC, Windows 10,11, 8, 8.1, 7 32-bit & 64-bit laptop, I am using android emulators.

This emulator software’s can make the process so simple for its installations without using EXE files. So, you can just follow the method below to know how to download WAMR app for Windows without EXE file or using emulator.

I am going to use the LDPlayer emulator for WAMR Whatsapp recovery app download on Windows operating system. So, let’s follow the method below. Before that download the emulator using below button on your Windows computer.

Steps To Install WAMR App for PC:

  • First download the LDPlayer emulator on your PC.
  • You can also visit the official page of LDPlayer emulator.
  • Now download the LDPlayer.
  • Next start the installation.
  • Next add the Gmail account in emulator.
  • Now open the emulator search box and type WAMR.
  • That’s it, the installation of the WAMR app on PC is completed.

WAMR App for Android – How to Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages?

You can see the process of how to read the Whatsapp deleted messages on android smartphones using WAMR app on android.

  1. First of all open your android smart phone.
  2. Next go to the Google play store.
  3. In the play store search box type WAMR.
  4. That’s it, the installation of the app will be done soon.

WAMR App for iOS/iPhone – How to Recover Whatsapp Deleted Messages?

Let’s know the process of installing WAMR app for iOS, iPhone to recover the Whatsapp deleted messages on your iOS devices.

  1. First of all open your iOS devices like, iPhone, iPad.
  2. Now go to the App store in your iPhone.
  3. Next in the app store search box type WAMR.
  4. That’s it, the installation of the WAMR app for iOS, iPhone is completed.

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