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How to Do Nationality Challenge Video in Instagram Reels (App & Filter Name)

How to do Nationality Challenge Video in Instagram Reels: Hello all, now a days every one has updated with all trending information using social platform, news and many other platform. Recently, in the Instagram reels, one challenge has been trending, which is different nationality challenge video. Using this challenge, you will see what nationality do you look like.

Currently, in the Instagram reels, nationality challenge is the trend and most of the people are searching for how to do nationality challenge video in Instagram reels. Actually, officially there will be no any filter to make nationality challenge in Instagram. But, most of the people don’t know Instagram doesn’t have a nationality challenge filter.

Still people are searching in the Instagram search like nationality challenge filter. If you try even hours, then also you will not get that filter in Instagram. Because, you can make a Instagram nationality challenge video using the other app like Faceplay.

The Faceplay app is an android application, you can directly download and install it on your smartphone using Google play store. So guy’s, if you have a interest to make video on different nationality challenge? then first go to the guide below.

how to do nationality challenge video in instagram reels

How to Make Different Nationality Challenge Video in Instagram Reels?

Using this challenge, you would see how you look in different nationalities. For that process, you have to completely follow the below steps.

Process on Nationality Challenge Video Making on Instagram Reels:

  1. First of all, you have to take your android phone.
  2. Then go to the Google Play store.
  3. In the Google play store, just type Faceplay App.
  4. Using Faceplay app, you can make nationality videos.
  5. Now open the installed Faceplay app.
  6. Next you will see different nationalities filters list in the Faceplay app.
  7. You have to just upload your photo and make a video for particular nationalities.
  8. Likewise you have to create different videos on different nationalities.
  9. After all, you have to combine those all video clip as one.
  10. You can use the best video editor for PC are, CapCut Video Editor for PC & VN Video Editor for PC.
  11. In the above video editors, you can use anyone and make your nationality challenge video as look as beautiful.
  12. That’s it the process of making how you look in different countries challenge video on Instagram reels is completed.

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