download lorex desktop for windows 32 bit

Download Lorex Desktop for Windows 32 & 64 bit PC, Laptop Mac Devices

Download Lorex Desktop for Windows 32 bit: Hello all, you may heard about the Lorex CCTV products. Lorex security cameras are working with quality and capture you the exact result.

So, today I am going to tell you the popular and the most installed home monitoring and security camera app which is Lorex. Also read about alternative apps: V380 Camera Software for PC.

The company Lorex has been producing different types of security cameras, which will give you the maximum quality. In addition to the security camera production, it has also started to produce it security management systems. Which means, how the cameras has to work, what are the features has to built with in the camera, like the features it has been developing into the Lorex CCTV cameras. Also read: Merkury Smart WiFi Camera for Windows.

I hope, you may got an overview on the word Lorex, right? then now let’s see how we can view the Realtime actions, or any threat, or any doubtful playback in the Lorex camera app.

To watch and observe will be happened with the help of Lorex desktop software installation only. Once you have been installed the Lorex desktop app on Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista 32 bit & 64 bit PC, Mac, Laptop devices? then you can easily watch out all the happening in your computer screen. Also see Alfred Home Security Camera App for PC.

So guy’s let’s show your interest towards downloading Lorex desktop for Windows 10, 11, 8, 8.1 32 bit PC, Mac devices.

download lorex desktop for windows 32 bit

What is Lorex Desktop Software for Windows?

Lorex desktop software allows you to monitor all your home CCTV camera Realtime recordings in your Windows, Mac PC larger screens. To do so, you have to download and install 2 Lorex desktop softwares’, which are Lorex Cloud ClientandLorex Client 13.

Lorex Desktop Software – Lorex Cloud Client

Here you can see the complete details about the Lorex Cloud Client. The Lorex Cloud Client desktop software can allow you to monitor in Windows & Mac OS devices. Let’s see below what are the compatible recorders.

What are the compatible recorders?


  1. DV Series
  2. LHV Series
  3. D241, D242, D251, D441 Series
  4. D841, D861, D862, D871 Series


  1. NR Series
  2. LNR Series
  3. N841, N842, N843, N844 Series
  4. N861, N862, N863 Series
  5. N881, N882 Series

Lorex Client 13 – Lorex Desktop Software

The Lorex Client 13 is also one of the popular Lorex desktop software. Using this application also, you can monitor your CCTV cameras on your desktop, computer screens. Let’s see its compatibility recorders.

What are the compatible recorders?

  1. LHA
  2. LHB
  3. LNK
  4. LHWF
  5. LHO Series
  6. Wire-Free

How to Download Lorex Desktop for Windows 32 bit & 64 bit?

Here I will give you the official links for downloading Lorex desktop for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit PC, Mac laptop devices. Let’s follow the below download guide.

  1. First of all be ready with your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Now make sure to check for proper internet connection on your Windows.
  3. Next open any working web browsers in your device.
  4. Then go to the browser URL box and type “”.
  5. That’s it, in the home page you will see a download button for Lorex Desktop for Windows.

If you were unable to downloaded the Lorex desktop, then follow the below download button to get the Lorex software on your Windows.

I hope that, you have successfully downloaded the Lorex desktop for Windows 32 bit, 64 bit Mac, PC laptop devices.

For more Lorex desktop software updates, daily visit at website.

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