how to make video calls on instagram on laptop

How to Make Video & Audio Calls on Instagram on a Computer, Laptop?

Video & Audio Calls on Instagram on PC: Hello all, today we are going to see one of the routine thing but not able to do everyone, because they don’t know the procedure on how to do that. So no problem, I and my website always help you in such interesting topics. As I said its a routine thing but some of you may know and some of you don’t know that is how to make video or audio calls on Instagram on your PC, laptop computer, mac devices.

After the ban of TikTok in many countries, the usage of Instagram has been grown suddenly. The installation of the Instagram app also increased. Because of this benefit, The Instagram has brought a new feature that is Instagram Reels. Currently Instagram reels are the popular platform compared with any other social reels platform. Instagram reels are emerged after the ban of TikTok, so, it has got that much name and fame. If TikTok would be there, then the popularity for Instagram reels wouldn’t be there. But some countries are permanently banned the TikTok, so there Instagram reel is the TikTok.

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So this is the reason for emerging the usage of Instagram. Its fine to use Instagram for sharing your thoughts, creativity and other but have you ever tired to talk with your loved ones with audio or video calls on Instagram on your PC, laptop, computer and on Mac devices? still if you not tried? then no problem, this page will guide you on how to make Video calls on Instagram on PC, laptop computer devices.

how to make video calls on instagram on pc, laptop, computer

How to Make Video Calls on Instagram on PC?

You can follow the working procedure on how to make video calls on Instagram on PC, laptop and on computer devices. You can call up to 8 people as a group on Instagram, more than 8 people you cannot make a call.

  1. First of all open your Instagram account on your Windows PC.
  2. Then next go to above options like “Chat Option” or “Messaging Option” in Instagram.
  3. When you click on the message option, it will drag you to the conversation section. There you already chat with many people.
  4. There you just open whom do you want call.
  5. Select one person and go to the chat box. There at top right side, you will see “Audio Call Option” and “Video Call Option”.
  6. Select your call and start talking with your loved ones.
  7. This is procedure to make a video calls on Instagram on PC, laptop and on Computer.

That’s it guy’s, if you are facing any issues? then use the comment section and send your queries.

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